Who We Are

Engineers at Heart:

We love to solve problems

We were founded on engineering principles by engineers.  At Grata, we enjoy working with different technologies and making it do things that people can only imagine.  Our team has been working together since before Grata’s inception. Together we’ve accomplished some of the most complex technical feats. From automating healthcare processes to building a Facebook-like social media network, our team is well equipped to handle advanced technical problems.

Why We Do What We Do? – We Deliver! Plain and Simple

35+ Years Experience and Counting!

For years, Grata developers have been engineering and consulting for enterprise level companies and small businesses. We’ve developed custom web applications, planned strategic initiatives, consulted on software technology and integrated cloud solutions in ways that make your job easier. Our strategies are developed with your future in mind, allowing your technology to grow and adapt as your business does.

Grata’s Engineers have countless years of experience as senior and lead engineers equipped with an extensive knowledge in system programming, database programming, systems integrations and micro-service architecture design.  This provides you with an array of knowledge and experience to deliver the most robust, scalable and competitive software technology solutions.

Our Leadership

Rey Ortega

Founder and CEO


Founder and CEO of Grata Software, Rey Ortega is a self taught engineer with 15+ years of experience at various startups. His largest projects before starting Grata in 2014 included developing Valencia College’s entire online school platform in flash, leading a team of 12 engineers at AssistRX. As well as leading 35 senior Engineers to develop Got Chosen in 6 months.

After those great leadership experiences, Rey formed Grata Software 2014 and brought over the best developers from AssistRX & Got Chosen to be our team.

Donna Raphael-Rene

Project Manager


Donna Raphael is originally from the Commonwealth of Dominica, a beautiful island in the Caribbean. She has been living in Florida since 2006.

She is a front-end web developer and a project manager, currently overseeing the full project lifecycle of small to large-scale software applications. Donna completed her Master’s Degree in Network and Communications Management with a concentration in Project Management. She also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in Web Development and Administration.

Donna strongly believes that all girls and women should know at least the fundamentals of code and the technology industry since this is the direction the future is heading in.

David Lopez

Senior Software Engineer


David has an eagerness to learn, which has brought his knowledge of technology and coding to a tremendous level at such a young age. He recently graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology from the University of Central Florida.

David truly loves that his job lets him explore his passion for programming and creating new technologies.

Shane Bergey

Operations Assistant


Shane is a senior at the University of Central Florida pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering. He has been working at Grata Software as the Operations Intern/Engineering Assistant since July of 2019

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