Who We Are

Engineers at Heart:

We love to solve problems

We were founded on engineering principles by engineers.  At Grata, we enjoy working with different technologies and making it do things that people can only imagine.  Our team has been working together since before Grata’s inception. Together we’ve accomplished some of the most complex technical feats. From automating healthcare processes to building a Facebook-like social media network, our team is well equipped to handle advanced technical problems.

Why We Do What We Do? – We Deliver! Plain and Simple

35+ Years Experience and Counting!

For years, Grata developers have been engineering and consulting for enterprise level companies and small businesses. We’ve developed custom web applications, planned strategic initiatives, consulted on software technology and integrated cloud solutions in ways that make your job easier. Our strategies are developed with your future in mind, allowing your technology to grow and adapt as your business does.

Grata’s Engineers have countless years of experience as senior and lead engineers equipped with an extensive knowledge in system programming, database programming, systems integrations and micro-service architecture design.  This provides you with an array of knowledge and experience to deliver the most robust, scalable and competitive software technology solutions.

Our Leadership

Rey Ortega

Founder and Head Solutions Architect


As the Founder and Head Solutions Architect at Grata Software, Rey leads Grata’s vision of being an elite technology solutions provider for small to mid-size businesses. An experienced leader in technology and startups, Rey has designed and delivered some of the most advanced technologies across several industries.

After launching over 50 software products and business solutions, Rey founded Grata Software to assist businesses in using technology to streamline processes, expand capabilities, and add new revenue streams.

Donna Raphael-Rene

Project Executive 


Donna is indeed the central nervous system of Grata Software. Formerly from a beautiful island in the Caribbean known as the Commonwealth of Dominica, Donna has been delivering high-quality products for many small and large businesses across the globe. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems. Before earning her Master’s Degree in Network and Communications Management, Donna was managing projects for a prestigious marketing firm in Orlando. Donna’s experience and dedication to her work go unmatched and bring our customers a sense of comfort.

When Donna isn’t managing our projects, calendars, and communication, she spends her free time composing music in her home studio and has a following in the industry from her compositions.

David Lopez

Senior Software Engineer


Known around the office as having a strikingly similar look to Jesus, David delivers miracles day in and day out. A graduate of the University of Central Florida, David has worked for Grata since his internship. His knowledge of technology and coding is far beyond his young years, making him one of the most critical assets to the Grata team.

As a noble Padawan, David became a human sponge learning all of the technologies our clients use, and he established himself as one of the most excellent learners and practitioners of software engineering and DevOps. He loves his job and is extremely passionate about what he does.

Shane Bergey

Operations Assistant


Shane works directly with the executive team at Grata Software. A quick learner and process-oriented professional, Shane has assisted in creating processes and procedures that help with the growth and scale of the company. His attention to detail has resulted in increasing the quality of products that we deliver for our customers and has solidified him as the master of Quality Assurance.

Grata looks forward to being a part of Shane’s growth as a professional after he graduates from the University of Central Florida in the coming year. He is currently a Senior at the University pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering.

Steven Gugel

Senior Consultant


A serial entrepreneur, engineer, and architect, Steve Gugel has been building embedded software, mobile applications, and firmware for many organizations in the commercial and government sectors. Originally part of the Grata stable of contractors, Steve joined the Grata Software team as a Senior Consultant providing his knowledge and experience overseeing projects.

“The collaboration between Steve’s S2G Software company and Grata Software presented a synergy that was a match made in heaven,” says Grata founder Rey Ortega. We’re excited to have Steve on the team, and we look forward to his expertise to help our customers receive the most optimal advice and care.

Gaurav Bagul

SeniorEngineer and Solutions Architect


Gaurav comes to Grata Software with an extensive background in software engineering, architecting, and he is a certified Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect. His knowledge of the complete full stack of software development makes him an invaluable asset to the Grata Team. As the development team leader, Gaurav keeps the team working efficiently and provides a bridge between the administrative team and the software engineers.

“Gaurav is the complete package,” as described by the Founder and Head Solutions Architect Rey Ortega. “He understands most of the aspects of architecting and engineering cloud solutions and is a great asset to the team.” We’re glad to have Gaurav on our team.

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