The Value of an API

An Application Programming Interface (API) is an asset to have and to use. In the most simplistic term, it is how your software speaks to another program to use that system. In the movie ‘The Matrix’, the characters download and instantly know martial arts and pilot skills in a matter of seconds. To learn that on their own would take countless hours of practice. Imagine an API as that short cut that taught them years of skills in seconds. With the aid of APIs, it allows for business to leverage existing software to incorporate into their systems for improved capabilities, just like learning to fly a helicopter in seconds.

Organizations are able to scale their software properly by building all their systems as individual APIs. Companies can create both private and public APIs; With a public API they can either open source it, or put a licensing fee attached to the API. The value of APIs are invaluable in any business organization. Some of their very vital essences include:


– They are efficient

Yes, APIs take more time for you to build. However, you can be publish them and make them available in the way you want them to be. You can access them and make them available to many channels of your business, or outside opportunities. The scalability is seamless which leads to a significant increases efficiency.


– They keep costs low

Maybe the biggest value of the APIs is their ability to handle and solve problems and workloads much more efficiently, with a lower price tag. Your company can build the solution that you need to complete the last piece of the puzzle. However, the time and money it takes to build this last piece could have a significant price tag associated to it. When there are existing great APIs available, we highly recommend linking into these, rather than reinventing the wheel.


– It’s easier to create more apps when you have API

When you have API, it is much easier to create apps, no matter the type of the app. You can transfer and deliver the information and services efficiently. It makes things flexible and productive, and it is one of the greatest value of having API. Going mobile will be easier and faster if you included API in your previous development processes.


– It helps execute change much faster APIs are flexible and adaptable to change.

That’s why they are a great long-term solution. They offer faster migration, updates, or improvement to any change. You notice the flexibility of the APIs when there needs to be a change or update.


– It connects software and makes the creation easier

The APIs offer a clear overview of how software components should interact, it is still very complex but has been made a bit easier to create and connect software. Because it provides all the building blocks, the programmers will have a much easier job to develop a certain program and connect it with the existing software.


Final Thoughts

There are tons of benefits of creating APIs. They do need more time and require little more experience and funds to be created, but the benefits after that are priceless. Conclusively, there are many firms that have over time had large revenue or increased the power of their brand from the APIs. It promotes and supports the idea of developing for the future not just for now. Developing with APIs allow you to create software that is scalable, seamless, and mobile. It is a long-term solution that can give anyone a competitive advantage.


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Rey Ortega
Rey Ortega

I'm a passionate creator of technologies for businesses. After years of leading software teams & delivering products to market, I founded Grata Software, a software consultancy, that helps businesses innovate and build disruptive products on cloud platforms. At Grata, I am the CEO & Head Solutions Architect.