The Changing Landscape Of Disruptive Technologies: IoT, AI and Robotics

KPMG’s global technology industry innovation survey captured the opinion of over 750 global tech industry leaders in identifying the technologies that will have the greatest impact in driving change in the next three years. Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and robotics led the charts. These are not surprising to be on top because they are at the front most of innovation at the moment.

Furthermore, after reading through the publication, here are some interesting takeaways:

  • IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics have the greatest potential to digitally transform businesses, making them more customer-centered and efficient.
  • 30% of the global tech industry leaders predicts blockchain will likely upturn their companies. Japan has the most prominent results stating that 50% of the tech industry leaders say blockchain will disrupt their company.
  • 26% of global tech leaders say e-Commerce apps and platforms will be the most disruptive new business model in their countries by 2021.
  • Worldwide IoT spending will reach $1.1 trillion in 2021.
  • Worldwide spending on cognitive and AI systems will reach $52.2 billion in 2021.
  • Spending globally on robotics and drones will reach $218.4 billion in 2021.
  • The global poll shows that IoT, AI and robotics are technologies driving the most benefit to life over the next three years. As well as, to society and the environment.

For the full report from KPMG, go here.


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Andre Moncayo
Andre Moncayo
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