Technology Consulting in the Cloud


There are hundreds of technologies available with thousands of implementations and integrations.  It’s a virtual buffet of options and making the wrong choice can cost you money and opportunity.  You may have an IT resource you use or an in-house person that has been working with your technology.  However, how expansive is their knowledge when it comes to the choices at your disposal?

Grata’s consultants have been involved in the ideation to creation of hundreds of solutions across several industries.  Their experiences span many areas from architecting, designing, engineering to deployment and go-to-market delivery.  No solution is out of the boundary of their capabilities, providing you the resources you need to obtain a greater competitive advantage.  Grata’s consultants have assisted clients in: 

  • Identifying areas of technology improvements through audits
  • Enhancing the technical capabilities of Grata’s customers
  • Providing Research and Development on solutions to prove theories
  • Creating prototypes to test product/market fit before building products to market
  • Providing technical guidance and recommendations for mergers and acquisitions

The technology industry changes daily so stay on top of what is available to you by integrating our consultants within your business operations and give your business the competitive advantage it deserves.

Annual worldwide R&D spending breaks through $700bn for the top 1000 corporate R&D spenders. – Price Waterhouse Cooper Strategy&

Technology Consulting