Technology Consulting in the Cloud

Consulting: Research & Development, Prototyping, Mergers & Acquisitions

Businesses & Individuals are constantly looking for ways to improve, and technology consulting is the best way to begin. Strategically identifying ways to automate operations, access big data in new ways, create new consumer applications. As well as, leveraging IoT to improve Mergers & Acquisitions that help businesses continually grow.

  • Identify areas that could be improved through our Technical Audit
  • Leverage New Technology
  • Test out hypothesizes and theories
  • Build a clickable and/or functioning prototypes
  • M&A Due Diligence: Just like a home inspector, we audit the business you are looking to acquire to ensure their technology is set up properly and will not result in technical debt. Alos, by making sure the acquisition does not increase expenses to integrate and support their existing applications, databases, servers, and cybersecurity
  • Industries Worked:¬†Healthcare, Hospitality, Financial, Agricultural, Professional Sports, Manufacturing, Media, Logistics, & More

Annual worldwide R&D spending breaks through $700bn for the top 1000 corporate R&D spenders. – Price Waterhouse Cooper Strategy&

Technology Consulting