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OWASP Security Standard: What It Means And How It Can Help You

OWASP, or Open Web Application Security Project, is a global non-profit organization. Dedication to web application security is their mantra. OWASP has materials that make it easier for developers to understand how they can improve on the security side of...

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Why Committing To Sprint Goals Is Important

At Grata, our agile sprint usually is about two weeks long but other companies may have longer or shorter sprints. A sprint is a time-boxed period of time in which work needs to be completed and ready for review. Every sprint is...

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How To Test A Web App Properly From A User Perspective

The ways in which a web application is tested and the things that are tested usually depends on where the product is in its life-cycle. For this post, we will primarily focus on testing the application at the front from...

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