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Top 5 Coding/Programming Tips For Swift

Start with Playground: Using playgrounds in Xcode is a way to quickly program some code to check for validity since playgrounds has a feature that shows you the result of the statement written. This is a handy feature to learn...

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A Treasure Map to Navigate Around The Boobytraps When Developing A Custom Application

Developing a Custom Software Solution is one that brings a sense of pride upon to yourself upon launching this brand new program live! Whether your application is developed for individual consumers, for other business's use, or for your internal operations,...

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UK Police Considers AI To Help With Crime Detection and Prevention

In January 2018, Lancashire police started to implement Amazon Alexa as a tool to help with crime detection and prevention. The technology also improved police efficiency and speed. The application allows any user to verbally report crimes though Alexa. Users may...

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AWS: The Leading IaaS Global Service Provider

KuppingerCole, an international and independent analyst organization, provided an overview of vendors of their product or service offerings in certain market segments. According to the analysis, AWS is considered the overall leader ranking number 1 in product, market and innovation...

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Top 3: Mobile Testing Software(s) on the Computer

Testing is quite essential for the success of your application even if it may sound unnecessary or quite obvious. Testing early on in developing can lead developers into finding major issues that could cause the downfall of something that could’ve...

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