Quarantine Cyber Attackers With Artificial Intelligence

MU researchers have developed an artificial intelligence that can quarantine cyber attackers. The technology can continuously give the cyber attacker false hope that they are making progress, when in reality, none is being made. The system called ‘defense by pretense’ can isolate an attacker for a prolonged period of time and allow operators enough time to build a stronger defense for their systems.

The quarantine is a decoy that acts as if the hacker is truly compromising their target. As the attacker continues to “succeed”, a defensive strategy can be formulated to stop the current attack and any future attacks that may occur. The cyber attacker will return with the knowledge that security has been strengthened, so temporarily trapping them can buy a security team precious time.

For the full article from the University of Missouri News Bureau, go here


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Andre Moncayo
Andre Moncayo
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