Jackson Adjustment Company: New Product Development on Amazon Web Services

Jackson Adjustment Company is a leading provider of claim solutions for the National Flood Insurance Program. Their flood-certified adjusters are the best trained, most experienced, and provide the best customer service in the business.  Their reputation for quality work is unsurpassed in the industry, priding themselves on delivering the best experience they can to the policyholder, and carrier clients. Their personnel are generally on-site within 24 hours of a flooding event (or as soon as safety allows) anywhere in the nation and have the capabilities to handle any situation and any number of claims.

The Problem:

Jackson Adjustment Company is a nationwide provider of claim solutions for the National Flood Insurance Program.  Their claims management system, sitting on technology built over two decades, lacked the sophistication to keep up with the current flow of claims transactions and industry standards.  Additionally, the application was built to support the business in its infancy and with growing regulations and security concerns in the industry, it was time to look at what enhancements needed to be made to prepare for future growth.

The Solution:

Grata Software created a proprietary web-based solution for Jackson Adjustment Company on the backbone of Amazon Web Services.  The solution automated virtually every aspect of their business. The application allows for the entire flow from claim start to close to be a seamless automated process. This Application includes features for communications, document management, reporting, analytics and financial management integrating with several industry services to increase delivery to and from claims brokers.  The application provides scalability and mobility using a mobile interface for on-location processing of claims.  Grata provides guidance and management to ensure enhancements of the application and potential acquisitions as the standard claims management system in the industry.

Our Favorite Feature:

The application, as a whole, is highly favorited by the Grata team as it was a tremendous undertaking with the timeline and budget.  What we are most proud of is the scalability of the application with the use of several micro-services to manage scale in every aspect of the application.  However, the fact that the product has gained attention in the industry for its simplicity in design and integration into several industry services sets this product apart from some of the products we’ve built in the past.


Live Preview