In The News: AI Technology Could Help Protect Water Supplies

I discovered an article from Science Daily that talks about an AI system currently in development that can quickly and inexpensively monitors water treatment plants to ensure safe drinkable water.

Monica Emelko, a professor of civil and environmental engineering and member of the Water Institute of Waterloo, stated that the AI technology could quickly indicate when water is contaminated by cyanobacteria, which has the potential to shut down and pollute water treatment systems.

The goal of the AI system is to automatically monitor water flowing through a microscope. This way, they can analyze the sample for any toxins or microorganisms.
Currently, testing takes one or more days to complete through manual analysis and automated systems are expensive to buy and maintain.

The AI system can automatically analyze water samples within one to two hours at a lower cost!

The speed at which we can obtain the results will make finding harmful bacteria easier to detect before it spreads. Additionally, the low cost could encourage other water treatment plants to utilize the technology. Which, in turn makes water even safer across the country.

It will definitely take a few years to refine this breakthrough technology. Though, it can be incredibly beneficial to public health once it’s completed.

If you want to read more about the AI technology, check out the article here!

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Andre Moncayo
Andre Moncayo
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