The Walt Disney Company & Lasting Commemoratives : Custom API Integration

We make inspirational products to commemorate your personal achievements. Come run with us and run with the character. At Lasting Commemoratives, our goal is to provide innovative products that recognize your achievements and create lasting memories for your event.


A Fortune 50 company headquartered in Central Florida, around their amusement parks, partnered with a trophy and medallion company, to offer commemorative trophies and medallions to those who ran in the 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon races. The company needed a way to integrate their backend ordering system to sync up with the Fortune 50’s client facing software. Doing that would allow the thousands upon thousands of order and shipping information to be transferred in between the systems. The manufacturing company called on Grata Software to handle the API integration as it involved a series of highly technical complications that needed to be resolved.


Grata’s team was able to perform the integration to spec and provide the necessary solution to allow for the fulfillment center to process large numbers of orders in real-time. Once orders are processed, the fulfillment center provides shipping and tracking data back to the ordering system to notify customers of delivery.


RESTful API with SOAP Integration in PHP – MySQL Data Layer – JQuery UX/UI – Amazon Web Services Infrastructure

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Donna Raphael-Rene
Donna Raphael-Rene
Project Executive

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