Technology for a Nationwide Food Shipping Company

We worked with a shipping company to create a solution to prevent shipment loss. Here is a high level overview of how we helped solve their technology needs.

This is a video about a Custom Software that was developed for a Food Refrigerant Shipping Company. We used IoT Devices and AWS to develop a mobile app to GPS Track and locate the truck, as well as Control the temperature in the refrigerator shipping container.
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Donna Raphael-Rene
Donna Raphael-Rene
Project Executive

I have a drive and passion for development, project management, social media and music with career backgrounds in those fields. At Grata, I am the Project Executive who oversees small to large software projects. On my personal time, I have many hobbies such as I enjoy watching international dramas, I enjoy reading a good book, I compose music and I'm a huge movie buff.