Inventory Mobile Application

.NET Web API Framework - MSSQL with Entity Framework - ReactJS with Redux - Amazon Web Services Architecture

A local B2B Manufacturing Company had operated for over 20 years using antiquated methods of inventory tracking and customer ordering. Mostly on paper, transactions would get lost between the ordering and warehousing. Manually entering inventory data produced inaccurate inventory counts. Under new management, the company called Grata to streamline the order, inventory, and shipment tracking systems to reduce manual labor and increase efficiency.

Grata consultants, using our internal consulting framework, performed an analysis on process flow and inventory control and provided advice on areas to improve. The team architected and implemented a mobile responsive intranet application that allowed for easier inventory tracking and order processing. Several manual processes were automated reducing the cost of operations while increasing revenue with more efficient order processing and deliveries.

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Donna Raphael-Rene
Donna Raphael-Rene
Project Executive

I have a drive and passion for development, project management, social media and music with career backgrounds in those fields. At Grata, I am the Project Executive who oversees small to large software projects. On my personal time, I have many hobbies such as I enjoy watching international dramas, I enjoy reading a good book, I compose music and I'm a huge movie buff.