In The News: The Forced March To Cloud Computing

Today, I discovered an article on InfoWorld that focuses on the nature of cloud computing and why it’s becoming mandatory to jump onto the cloud.

According to former CTO David Linthicum, companies spend money on obtaining new platforms rather than improving existing on-premise features. Additionally, Linthicum states that “If you don’t see any new features and functions from your on-premises technology providers, you’ll likely search out new paths to innovation. In most cases, that search will lead to the public cloud.”

Four of the biggest R&D spenders (Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Apple) are public cloud providers. Amazon Web Services is the provider we utilize at Grata Software for all our cloud-based needs. Each of these companies, including Grata Software, have made the push towards cloud computing. Particularly because it is a new innovative platform that makes technical work faster, easier and safer for everyone. As well as, the fact that cloud computing saves a lot of money on technology costs. In addition to the money savings, the cloud allows on demand scaling and utilizing only resources that you actually used.

Companies are building the most innovative security technology specifically for the cloud. Due to these advances, cloud platforms are become more secure as security breaches become more common with on-premise equipment.

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Andre Moncayo
Andre Moncayo
Marketing Associate