In the News: Coca-Cola CIO Reveals the Recipe for an AWS Transformation

We stumbled upon this article this week and we are glad that we did. Miriam McLemore, the CIO at Coca-Cola, discusses the business’s transition to AWS from their previous legacy on-premise servers.  As most of us know the cloud is amazing and it is the technical direction that businesses need adopt. Whether you are a large enterprise or startup, having a dependable infrastructure, that is made to support your business’ goals is a KPI between successful and unsuccessful businesses. 

One of our favorite highlights from Miriam is discussing how Coca-Cola replaced an SAP HR Software & 92 other workplace legacy systems to AWS:  “You’ve got to organize as smaller independent teams. My Workday team started out with 150 people. It’s very hard to get anything done when it’s 150 people, so we broke it down into the functions. We had a learning management team. We had a coordinating team and we had a competence team. Once you broke it down to its core components, we began to pick up momentum.”

Coca-Cola CIO Reveals the Recipe for an AWS Transformation

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Jason Senter
Jason Senter
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