In The News: Almost A Third Of Key Enterprise IT Spending To Be Cloud Based By 2022

While I was searching for interesting articles, I stumbled upon a CloudTech article that talks about Gartner and their forecast that by 2022, 28% of spending in enterprise technology markets will be cloud-based. This is a large increase from previous years.

“The shift of enterprise IT spending to new, cloud-based alternatives is relentless,” according to Michael Warrilow, Gartner research VP. He continued, “Although it’s occurring over the course of many years due to the nature of traditional enterprise IT.”

Warrilow continues to say that transitioning to the cloud would have the benefits of flexibility and agility. As well as the pay-as-you-go and on-demand nature of cloud technology. On and Off premise solutions have been a topic of much debate in the enterprise world. Since the cloud is becoming more mainstream, it will obviously begin to influence enterprise IT decisions.

Previously, Grata Software helped an international non-profit successfully transition 100% to the cloud. We were then able to optimize their setup and cut their cost by over $1000 per month! This is just one great example of how to increase business process efficiency by utilizing cloud technology.

Go here to check out the full CloudTech article on enterprise technology news!

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Andre Moncayo
Andre Moncayo
Marketing Associate