Grow Your Podcast With TranscribeMeow Transcription Software

Anyone can accurately transcribe audio files with TranscribeMeow, a transcription software. That way podcasters can create written content out of their podcast audio, that can reach a whole new audiences! The software is Pre-loaded with one and a half hours of free transcription time. Evidently,a larger transcription time available for a small monthly charge. Just download the app, upload your podcast file to your iCloud, Transcribe it Right MEOW!, and boom. Your audio file or podcast is accurately transcribed for you into a new written format! Also, the app has a filter that you can have a certain level of confidence that is highlighted for possible mistakes.

We developed it for Podcasters to share their content in the written form, but it can make any audio file into a written format that is viewed by anyone. We hope that you like the app and please give us any feedback that you have for us in the comments section. As well as, any of your thoughts and any upgrades you though of when you used it! However, please do not forget to download the app from the app store and rate 5 stars!

Download the transcription software HERE.

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Jason Senter
Jason Senter
Executive Director of Sales & Product Management

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