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Grata Software falls into the unique realm of a software consultancy with a business first approach. We approach each client, as they are, an individual with their own unique strengths with areas of need. Working hand in hand with you we optimize and automate your business processes through custom solutions. Leveraging your existing systems or moving to a clean slate, our #1 goal is to devise a solution that will bring your business to the next level.

Steps to your success:

Review Managed Services (we are AWS Certified)

  • More often than not, the servers where your company’s data and applications live are not up to par
  • Surprisingly you are often over charged for a solution that doesn’t support your company’s future

Review Your existing applications and code base

  • Code is constantly being deprecated and no longer supported
  • Applications are slow due to the way the code was written
  • Often rely upon 3rd parties, when they update it can often crash your system
  • The code is not written to be scalable in the future

Understand your business needs and current processes

  • We speak and learn from your team from the CEO to the individuals in the trenches
  • Curate multiple solutions that we can implement to improve your processes and the way consumers interact with you.

We Don’t Stop when we Solve “Problem A”

  • We look at the full picture, Problem A might be a glaring issue, however problem B, C, D exist. Also, we include solutions for these too.
  • When solutions are implemented they often create subsequent issues we account and solve these as well

We Manage and Develop the Software

  • Coding to the highest standards
  • Building Software that is Scalable, Secure, and Mobile

When you implement technology properly it is great and can easily get you to the next step in business. However, what if the technology you implement creates more issues than it solves? Or the solutions that you get are not actually the solution that you need. That’s where we come in to correct where others went wrong. Preferably for you and us we are brought in before that step.

Our success stems from taking the approach that your success is our success. We’ve created countless solutions for PE backed Corporations, VC backed Startups, Organizations that are on a continual climb with stagnant technology. Helping our client’s in every aspect from conceptualizing solutions, developing software, and acting as your Chief Technology officer, even participating in meetings regarding your mergers and acquisitions.

As we’ve said and will always say, “If you can imagine it, we can build it.” That is and will always be our key to success.

Please reach out to us for any of your technical needs, we would love to chat.

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Jason Senter
Jason Senter
Executive Director of Sales & Product Management

After finding my footing in the world of technology, I joined Grata Software. I focus on identifying opportunities within your business where technology or processes are lacking, and how we can improve them. When I'm not playing sports or in the kitchen cooking, you can find me here at Grata Software, as the Head of Sales and Product Manager.