Dubai Introduces Smart Cameras That Use AI To Measure Happiness

In Dubai, highly accurate smart cameras have been introduced for the purpose of measuring customer satisfaction using AI technology. Four Customer Happiness Centers in Dubai have implemented the technology in order to learn how to restore customer happiness levels if they fall below predetermined standards.

The announcement was made on Monday by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority. Maher Shirah, director of Smart Services stated that “the initiative aims to measure customers happiness index through smart cameras that analyze the extent of their happiness.”

Shirah added, “the technology analyses the facial expressions of customers, without saving images in respect of their privacy, before and after processing their transactions at the center.”

As for the technology itself, after an image is captured, the system sends detailed reports that generates real-time updates on customer happiness. Customers are monitored by the AI from the time they enter the Customer Happiness Center to the moment they leave and links it with the level of service delivered. If happiness levels fall below predetermined standards, SMS and e-mail notifications are sent to team members, which can help expedite the process of restoring happiness.

For a detailed list of how the AI works and operates, check out the original article from Kaleej Times here.

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Andre Moncayo
Andre Moncayo
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