DeepSqueak: Deep Learning Software For Rodents

I found an interesting article on Science Daily that talks about two scientists at the University of Washington School of Medicine. They created DeepSqueak, a software program that essentially allows researchers to understand how mice are feeling based on the sounds they make.

Russell Marx is a technician at the Neumaier lab, which investigates complex behaviors relating to stress and addiction. With help from his partner Kevin Coffey, who specializes in studying the psychological aspects of drugs, they were able to create DeepSqueak. The software takes audio signals and transforms them into images which creates a visual representation of a rodents mental state.

John Neumaier, head of the Division of Psychiatric Neurosciences, stated that his goal is to develop treatments for withdrawal from alcohol or opioids. He says DeepSqueak will not only help his lab make progress at a faster rate, but also help scientists understand how drugs change brain activity. The lab can determine better treatments for addiction based on the research DeepSqueak can help them collect.

For more details about DeepSqueak, go here

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Andre Moncayo
Andre Moncayo
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