Custom Software Development in the Cloud

custom software development

Desktop, Mobile and Embedded Software Solutions

The Grata engineering team focuses on creating B2B solutions that enhance the capabilities of your business to maintain and/or improve your competitive advantage.  With the ability to deploy solutions on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud, your software solutions are created to be highly available, scalable and fault-tolerant, and include enhanced security provided by these cloud infrastructures.  B2B software solutions created by the Grata Engineering Team include:

  • APIs enhancing customers’ product and service offerings
  • Integrations with third-party ERPs, CMS and other B2B platforms
  •  Custom back-office applications
  • Customized B2B customer-facing applications for desktop and mobile
  • Hardware APIs and Software Development Kits

On-going Software Development for Existing Projects


Nothing puts your business at risk more than a half baked application or software that is expected by your customers.  At Grata, we’ve been involved with many projects where the original resource has either not delivered or delivered a product that isn’t meeting the business goals and objectives.  Don’t fear, Grata engineers are experienced in quickly acquiring the domain knowledge to continue the project and deliver on your promises to your customers.  Using our Tripple AIM Framework (AAAIM), Grata engineers can assess, advise, architect, implement and manage all aspects of the project and provide the appropriate resources to get the job done.   


Think of us as your doctor; you tell us you have a problem, we run through all the test to identify what is wrong, how we can fix it, and then fix it. You come in with an issue and leave healthy and happy. That’s what we do for your business and technology!