Custom Software Development in the Cloud

custom software development

Web, Mobile, and IoT Apps integrated on the Cloud

For Businesses: Custom Software Development in the Cloud improves your business by keeping up to the second information in the right hands. Omni-Channel Solutions give stakeholders full transparency into the business’s workflows and allows employees to work smarter and more efficiently.

For Consumer Apps: Access the B2C or D2C market space with custom apps made for the consumer. We build applications with a hyper-focus on the User Experience while planning out the Software Development Life Cycle Road Map. Utilizing Custom Cloud Solutions allows us to ensure the application scales properly both up and down to match the user growth and active users on your application.

Languages We Develop In: .Net Development, Open Source Stack like MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, Node.JS) or LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Native Android, iOS, or Hybrid mobile app development, Alexa, & RaspberryPi, you’ll work with a great team that’s matched to your needs.

On-going Product Development for Existing Apps

Let’s face it, life and business happen, but it must go on. Losing your CTO, Lead Engineers, or even your developers doesn’t have to scare or worry you any more. We work with your stakeholders to operate as your extended technology arm, ensuring the business continues where you left off.

API Development Code Reviews and Optimization Improved Access and Analytics of your Data
API Integrations Improve Database Structure Manage Development Teams
Technical Expert Plan out Future Features and Development Phases Manage Vendor Relations

Think of us as your doctor; you tell us you have a problem, we run through all the test to identify what is wrong, how we can fix it, and then fix it. You come in with an issue and leave healthy and happy. That’s what we do for you, except with your technology!