Custom Software Development

Custom Software for your business is what separates you from the pack. Gaining a competitive advantage in your market space and adding long-term value to your business is a huge feat; that’s why we do not take it lightly. We work with you to develop a perfect Web application and/or mobile application.

In both Mobile and Web Development, there are countless development languages, all with their own pros and cons. Why should you go ASP.Net vs Python, AWS vs Azure, or Native vs a Hybrid application? These are just a few of the many questions you will face when developing a software.

Why Work With Us?

With countless years of experience and knowledge, we have faced almost anything development situation you could imagine. We have created a great and cohesive environment for development, especially since our team of engineers is not just a group of guys and gals we went out and hired. Our team has been working together as leads and senior developers since 2013. They were at the beginning of developing one of the largest pharmaceutical software companies and they developed of one of the most complex social media platforms in existence, not to mention everything they’ve done at Grata! Building applications that improve the way businesses operate and people go throughout their day is second nature us. Let us be the ones to help your company be the next big thing! It’s not like we haven’t done it before… Oh, wait we have!

Ideas on how we can help:

  • API Development and Integration
  • Integrating CRM with other systems
  • ~ Automating Emailing Processes
  • ~ PDF Generation
  • ~ Payroll Integration
  • Automating full process flows
  • Make software speak to each other
  • Any manual task that slows you down… can be automated
  • AngularJS
  • ReactJS
  • PHP
  • React Native