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Migration and Architecture

Cloud computing offers many advantages with flexibility, sharing, easy accessibility, and storage. Cloud services are being used by companies of all sizes. Knowing the best cloud service to use and having the knowledge to deploy and manage these services takes a significant amount of resources. We’ve been deploying and managing cloud services on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft’s Azure and Google Cloud Services since their inception.  As solutions architects, we design the right cloud infrastructure for your business. Our team has moved clients’ data centers to the cloud with minimum to no data loss.  We work side-by-side with your IT team to keep things as your team sees fit.

Just migrating to the cloud is not enough. The architecture of the cloud is just as important as the application you host on it.  As the application and complexity continue to grow so does the need for a proper architecture. Having a proper architecture requires knowing how the business operates. A simple example is if the majority of hits to the application are happening between 2-6 pm every day, an architect would be able to have the system scale up and down to mitigate your costs while ensuring every user has the same, great, fast experience.

By migrating its SAP Business Suite and disaster recovery environments to AWS, Hoya is saving 50 to 60 percent when compared to its previous private cloud environment.- Amazon Web Services

What can the Cloud truly do?

Today, the Cloud is commonplace in business. Amazon Web Services offer over 150+ services, but many businesses are only using the standard hosting, scale, and backup tools. We want to bring your business to the next level and we will do that by helping you use the cloud for all that the cloud can do. Some services Amazon Web Services offer are:

Quickly and easily build, train, and deploy machine learning models.
Run a Serverless Cloud Architecture.
Easily process and analyze video and data streams in real time.
Turn text into lifelike speech.
A high-performance graph database engine for storing billions of relationships and querying the graph with milliseconds latency.
Alexa for Business
Leverage Alexa assistant to improve the way that you work.


Netflix uses Amazon Kinesis to monitor the communications between all of its applications so it can detect and fix issues quickly, ensuring high service uptime and availability to its customers. – Netflix Case Study

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