Build Software With Mobile In Mind

There’s an increasing demand for Mobile Software Development as the use of smartphones has become the status quo in society. Mobile searches are increasing every day with the use of very well enhanced gadgets in the market. Google is in the process of developing a mobile-specific SEO due to such an increase in mobile searches from consumers.

The smart phones have over time evolved from just a means of communication to even greater personal assistants. So now, reaching out to your most desired client is actually very much within arm’s reach. More than 50% of the online shopping in US is done through mobile devices. Thus, most of the nowadays software must be mobile responsive.

Why You Need to Develop Mobile Software

That’s why building a web app without having mobile in mind is a huge mistake, not only because it will cost you a fortune to build a completely new mobile app that will be based on the web app, but it will also make things a lot harder and more complicated.

The mistake is made by companies who buy or build software that is not having mobile in mind. When the real situations come and the software needs to go to phones, companies suffer. When building any type of custom or proprietary software it is smart to build with APIs and have the ability to go to phones in mind. Additionally, such software can scale. However, if you don’t develop with mobile in mind you have to develop a completely new software to do the same thing, that your new web application is doing.

Many companies make rushed decisions and pick the cheaper software solution in which they don’t include APIs that are later easily upgradable and turned into mobile software. Thus, look at your options carefully, look for future and long-term solutions.

Some additional advantages in mind are the: competitive advantages, increased productivity, improved user experience and increased engagement. Think about it, if you and your competitor need to go mobile, you will have scalable software with the right API. You will invest lot less time and money to hit the market.

Final Thoughts

In a world where consumers are moving from desktop to mobile, and each company is trying to outsmart its competitors. It is smart to always do what’s best for your company long-term. When building software, you must keep mobile in your mind. Since, it will save you lots of time and money when the times come to move to mobile. It can be your competitive advantage or disadvantage! Mobile is the future and you must include it in your plans and software development projects.

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Rey Ortega
Rey Ortega

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