In the News: Kanban Vs Scrum

"Choose the agile framework that works best for your team and ONLY your team. Don’t do kanban because that’s what Kelly from does. Don’t do scrum because management wants to, “Go agile.” Be ruthless and selfish in this choice. Your team will thank you." An Article from our friends at Atlassian

How To Test A Web App Properly From A User Perspective

The ways in which a web application is tested and the things that are tested usually depends on where the product is in its lifecycle. For this post, we will primarily focus on testing the application at the front from the perspective of the end user.

What is each server for: Dev, Test, UAT, Staging, Demo and Production

DTAP which is short for Development, Testing, Acceptance, and Production outlines an approach to testing and deploying software as part of the SDLC. These steps usually include servers where the work being done will live. Each step in development dictates how the code is moved from server to server until it is complete and made live for regular use.

Why To Groom Your Backlog

To groom a backlog simply means to keep it clean and tidy. It needs to be looked after in order for it not spiral out of control. Other terms include backlog management or backlog refinement. An outdated backlog can have many adverse effects on the outcome of a product.

Top 3: Mobile Testing Software(s) on the Computer

Testing early on in developing can lead developers into finding major issues that could cause the downfall of something that could’ve been avoided easily. In this post, I have provided 3 of the best software to ensure the success of your application from the very launch date.

Unilever: An Amazon Web Services Case Study, Repost

After a comprehensive RFP and review process involving more than 16 companies, Unilever chose Amazon Web Services (AWS). Unilever’s priorities in choosing a digital marketing platform included flexibility, a global infrastructure, technology, as well as a rich ecosystem of members

The Morning Drive Presented by Grata Software

Our CEO Rey Ortega is now hosting The Morning Drive presented by Grata Software. This podcast discusses all things technology from Cloud Services, New Product Development, Technology Consulting and more! We will have at least one podcast a week that will come out! The Morning Drive Presented by Grata Software

Is Python A Dying Language?

Python is not going to die because not only can you use it as the core language for your project, it does an amazing job as a supportive language.

What Is The Best FREE (mium) Cross-Platform Collaboration Software With No Harsh Limitations?

We find Trello to be effective for our teams.  We've been using it for over a year without paying any fees and we're managing several projects or boards simultaneously.

PHP Frameworks: What Frame Work I Can Use For My Website?

Look at Github's popular repo list and filter by language as PHP and choose which framework has the features you are looking for.

What Are The Best And Worst Decisions You’ve Ever Made As A Start-Up CEO?

Build a company around your personality and values so you can someday become a successful CEO.

How Do I Provide Financial Forecasts For An App Idea For An Investment Proposal?

Easy!  I'm just kidding, it isn't easy.  However, while you do it - depending on your market - you may feel either giddy about the possibilities or disappointed if it isn't displaying a potential return on investment.

What Separates Google-Caliber Software Engineers From The Rest?

I know several developers that couldn't pass their technical interviewing process, but they are developing core technologies at companies that have caught the attention of Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

Why are sprints beneficial in product development?

Sprints are usually concise in requirements and goals. At the end of every sprint, it is expected that working pieces of software will be produced. Sprints are usually planned in advance. When it comes to product development, sprints can be beneficial for many reasons. Here are some of the top benefits of sprints in product development.

What Is Better, Being A Web Developer Or A Software Engineer?

Who says you need to choose? Why not do it all? Maybe you'll specialize in the web, but there's loads of cool stuff out there on mobile and desktop and command line.

How Does One Become A Great Programmer?

Don't just seek knowledge from one person, but many coders with different strengths and specialties.  Absorb all of the information like a sponge and apply it to real-world projects.

Why Isn’t All Software Development Outsourced To Countries With Much Lower Labor Costs?

Software development does not require labor, labor is defined as monotonous activity performed for prolonged hours not requiring any creative activity. Instead software development requires lot of creativity, understanding concepts and visualizing big picture when there is nothing to visualize

Why You Should Consider Being A Lazy Product Manager

Do everything you can to help your team move forward and the product to continually be developed. Just remember your role as a product manager is to not manage the product itself but the entire team. Set a path for continued & scalable growth, That matters more than a perfect product. Your job is to get out of the way and to figure out what that you building that will have the largest impact on your business. At the start make sure everything continues to move forward, but focus on hitting the initial goal of when can I start selling what I have created?

Can One Truly Be A Generalist Software Engineer?

Every software engineer is a generalist. Over the course of a career in software engineering, your skillset changes based on the requirements of the program or project with which you are involved, and as you focus on one skillset, other skillsets become dormant until they are needed again.

Can A Person Be Both An Engineer & An Entrepreneur?

The two things that I've experienced and seen that makes it difficult are communication skills and being social.  A lot of engineers are introverts by nature because they spend their days thinking through complex problems and logic.

What Is The Best And Most Effective Way Of Learning JavaScript As An Introduction To Programming?

Learning JavaScript is a great way to enter the world of engineering. The book "A Smarter Way To Learn JavaScript" by Mark Myers is a great resource to get started.

Coding with the Grip It and Rip It Mentality

I mention this story not to tell you about golf, but it’s more to tell you a parable, I think. You see, as a software developer - a term used loosely these days - I took the same approach of meticulously trying to figure out what the final product should be and how I can get there in the simplest of fashions.

Project Management, Tools & Processes

Having a good system for project management can save time and money on your projects, help you maintain a strong technical team, and ensure that you stay competitive by leveraging technology that is built to meet your needs.

A Day in the Life of Agile Project Management

When it comes to managing Agile projects, there are processes that are followed to keep projects on track and flowing continuously.

How to Find and Retain Strong IT Talent

Whether you’re part of an IT company, or an IT department in a larger company, you probably face some challenges finding and retaining good talent. It’s a competitive industry, and any talented developer has options.

The Benefits of Custom Software for Businesses

The benefits are particularly relevant for companies that deal with highly classified or confidential information, such as healthcare and law enforcement businesses, but a growing emphasis on security for all businesses means it’s more important than ever for companies to know the software they’re working with.

Common Risks in Agile Projects and How to Deal with Them

Every project has some degree of risk involved. The risk could have a high to low impact on the project. The risk could be positive or negative, helpful or harmful and internal or external. Similar to Waterfall projects, in Agile projects, risks need to be identified and managed.

Discovery: What Is It? Why Do I Need It? Will It Save Me Time And Money? Why Do We Recommend It?

Discovery in terms of software development is a process with the goal of collecting the exact requirements for an application to be developed. This entails, most importantly, the business requirements, then every step a user will have through their experience from the login to completion of using the app, the design of the full application and developing of written out Business Requirement Document(BRD). The BRD can be looked at as the full plan, it stands alongside the contract as the agreement that what the BRD states what will be developed

First Step in Taking Your Technology Product to Market

You had an idea for a technology product. You had saved money to build it, you had friends and family help you fund it, or you were lucky enough to get an investor to invest in it. You contacted several development companies and picked the one that had the cheapest rate you could afford.

3 Tips on Working with Remote Agile Teams

While Agile teams are usually part of the same company, there are situations where team members may not all be in the same location. In these situations where team members are remote, the dynamic of how the team works together will be different from those who see each other at the office every day. As a result, the way remote teams interact may be a bit different since they rely heavily on virtual communication methods.

Grata Software: Where Technology Bridges with Business

When technology is implemented properly it is great and can easily get you to the next step in business. However, what if the technology you implement creates more issues than it solves? Or the solutions that were delivered to you are not actually the solution that you need. That’s where we come in to correct where others went wrong. Preferably for you and us, we are brought in before that step.

Scrum Life Cycle

Scrum is an Agile framework best known for its lightweight, iterative approach to software development. It is best used in complex projects. Scrum is easy to understand but can be challenging to master. Getting acclimated with Scrum requires understanding Scrum lifecycle.

Finding Your Sweet Spot Between Technology and Project Management

In order to find a balance between project management and technology, you first need to understand the complexity of the project you are dealing with. You will also need to learn what style would be the best for the type of project you are managing. The biggest space between the two exists with the promised functions of the technology vs. what is actually delivered.

The Right Agile Foundations Will Strengthen Your Success

To be Agile and have the best practices in place for your team, you first need to have the right mindset and techniques. You need to think Agile.

Don’t Skip Your Sprint Retrospectives

Skipping a sprint retrospective can actually have a negative impact on a team’s productivity when they keep going through sprint after sprint without addressing key areas of concern.

Why Your Business Strategy Should Be Agile

A major factor that can hamper your growth is having an outdated, inflexible strategy for your organization. While your projects may be Agile, your company may not be as flexible as it could potentially be and this may be due to a strategy that is no longer applicable for your organization.


Mankind is a Beautiful Thing! #HurricaneSzn

In times of need like these, it’s amazing to see the beauty in mankind, neighbors helping neighbors, strangers helping strangers to rebuild all that was lost. It sometimes takes disasters to reminds us that we are all in this together.

15 Free Project Management Tools to Help with Productivity

A project manager’s time is important. It’s easy to become overwhelmed if you don’t have some set processes in place to help you get through your day. Of course, one of the biggest characteristics of a good project manager is being organized. Part of that organization is achievable through the use of tools that can help streamline workload, increase efficiency and help with productivity.

Agile Management of Software Projects

Agile is preferred because of its flexibility and its focus on continuous improvement and collaboration. Project management styles under agile include Lean, Extreme Programming (XP) and Scrum. The philosophy behind agile is that it focuses on people, products, collaboration, and flexibility. These philosophies are upheld by 12 agile principles that follow the agile manifesto.

The Importance of Daily Scrums

You’ve probably heard the term Scrum before in Agile project management. You’ve also probably heard of daily Scrums. But, do you really know what they are and why they are important?

The Value of an API

APIs allows your software to scale and grow in ways you never imagained

Why are people who never coded managing software engineers?

You want a manager that trusts your skills to get the job done and not micro-manage everything you do. In short, embrace the fact that you may have a manager that doesn’t know coding, but trusts you to get the job done.

Why Do People Order Custom Software?

The key to custom software development is a significant return on investment or ROI.

How To Develop a Minimum Viable Product

Things to think about when creating a minimal viable product.

WordPress Security: Protect your site!

If you have any WordPress applications, you may want to secure it from hackers!

Doing Nothing Costs More, But We Tried To Warn You

Short story of an interaction about the cost of doing nothing to streamline a business.

Sprints: Agile Development Process

Sprints are a product of Agile Development and vital to the development process.

Build Software With Mobile In Mind

The demand for mobile applications and business software is on the rise.

How to Properly Outsource Software Development

Outsourcing Software Development is delicate and requires a relationship of trust.

The Pitfalls of Open Source Software

Open source pitfalls that can affect your project.

Technical Debt: Bad for Your Business

Technical Debt is a result of limited time and budget in software development. The affects can be detrimental to your business.