What Are The Best And Worst Decisions You’ve Ever Made As A Start-Up CEO?

Trying to be the CEO and acting like someone I’m not.

In my previous startups, which were more than 10 years ago, I was young and naive. Previously, I used to think that to have a business you needed to be a certain way. I read a lot of books on successful CEOs, and I adopted their way of working, thinking, acting, etc. I would meet people and project this super successful CEO type. This fell inline to the stereotype of what a successful business man should be.

After two failures, I was able to swallow my pride, go back to school at the age of 30, and learned the traditional way of running a successful business. I realized everything I did was just wrong. The most important things I learned was the reason why many CEOs are successful is how they build a company. around their personality and values. They project themselves onto their employees and in turn, their employees follow. This was very eye opening and changed my paradigm of what a CEO should be.

The best decision I made was to find a partner that allows me to be who I am. As well as someone who can naturally be the person I’m not.

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Rey Ortega
Rey Ortega

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