What Is The Best FREE (mium) Cross-Platform Collaboration Software With No Harsh Limitations?

We find Trello to be effective for our teams.  We’ve been using it for over a year without paying any fees and we’re managing several projects or boards simultaneously. We’ve integrated it into Slack, which is a great internal project communication tool that’s free. Trello notifies our slack group to any changes to the board.  There are some features that require a premium account, but you can work for the most part on the free service without harsh limits.

Furthermore, Rey’s original response can be found here on Quora

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Rey Ortega
Rey Ortega

I'm a passionate creator of technologies for businesses. After years of leading software teams & delivering products to market, I founded Grata Software, a software consultancy, that helps businesses innovate and build disruptive products on cloud platforms. At Grata, I am the CEO & Head Solutions Architect.