Author: Shane Bergey

Grata Featured as a Top 10 App Development Company in Orlando

Although our primary focus is on our consulting sector, we are extremely honored to be a part of "Mobile App Daily's" Top 10 App Development Companies in Orlando. Obviously, our biggest success has come in the form of Web and...

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Corona Virus Research: Artificial Intelligence’s Role

While the novel Corona Virus hit pandemic level early into March of 2020, the research into the treatment of patients that have fallen ill to the disease has just begun. Normally, researchers would have no crunch time on reaching a...

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Google’s Corporate Venture Capital Arm and its Acquisition of Fitbit

With a reported revenue of $136.8 billion in 2018 Alphabet, the parent company that runs Google, has plenty of extra cash on hand to invest in many high-risk investments. Most people recognize the name Google from their very successful internet...

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