Author: David Lopez

Top 5 Coding/Programming Tips For Swift

Start with Playground: Using playgrounds in Xcode is a way to quickly program some code to check for validity since playgrounds has a feature that shows you the result of the statement written. This is a handy feature to learn...

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OWASP Security Standard: What It Means And How It Can Help You

OWASP, or Open Web Application Security Project, is a global non-profit organization, which is dedicated to web application security. OWASP has materials that make it easier for developers to understand how they can improve on the security side of their...

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Top 3: Mobile Testing Software(s) on the Computer

Testing is quite essential for the success of your application even if it may sound unnecessary or quite obvious. Testing early on in developing can lead developers into finding major issues that could cause the downfall of something that could’ve...

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