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From Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, Embedded Software, Alexa Skills, & Cloud Services our team is highly decorated with years of success. As Amazon Web Solution Consulting partners, we ensure the applications we develop and manage are highly scalable, secure, elastic and mobile.

Whether the solution is an internal business process optimization, a B2B or B2C solution we have done it all. Whatever “Success” means to your business, we adopt that understanding to become the right results-oriented team for you. Learn about the Grata Process from the video to the right & see the results we bring to the plate below.

We Deliver

RunDisneyLasting Commemoratives: Web, Mobile, & Cloud: E-Commerce for 187,000 yearly runners
CareTime: Web, Mobile, & Cloud: A Home Heath-Technology with Over 11,000 caregivers across 200 healthcare organizations processing roughly 4.25 million visit check-ins per year
6 Seconds EQ: Web & Cloud: 
An International Non-Profit used by 3,500 Daily Users, with well over 56,000+ surveys administered.
Guestbook, powered by Bluetent: Web, Mobile, Alexa & Cloud: A Property management SaaS with 10,000 Vacation Properties & 240,000 reservations.
Jackson Adjustment Company: Web, Mobile, & Cloud: A Nationwide Flood Catastrophe Claims Software, currently with 20,000 Insurance Flood claims filed and the system can handle 1,000,000+ claims.
Yellowstone Landscaping: Web, IoT, Mobile, & Cloud: We created a custom logistics & payroll software that saved 35 managers 2 hours a day totaling 6,500 hours a year and $156,250 in savings.
Hamlin & Associates: Web, Mobile, & Cloud: The largest Direct Mailer in America, they send 1,000,000+ of pieces a mail annually to the clients of Rolls Royce, Hendrick Automotive Group, JM Lexus, and Dealerships all throughout the USA.

Product Development

We help you innovate software products that add value to your customers and your business. From improving internal workflows and communication, using machine learning and AI for Big Data, to improving your consumer’s engagement with you, we have experience developing it all.

  • Web Application Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • iOS Application Development
  • Android Application Development
  • Hardware & Embedded Software

Cloud Solutions

Strategically maximize cloud services by building an impactful & disruptive cloud-native web, mobile, and IoT solutions. With our Cloud Consultants & Professional Amazon Web Solution Architects and Developers, we make the optimization of your Cloud infrastructure a breeze.

  • Digital Transformations, Legacy IT to a Modern Cloud-Based Solution
  • Scale your business using 150+ Products & Tools offered by Amazon Web Services & Other Cloud Providers
  • Recurring & Dependable Back-ups
  • Reliable Uptime and Low Latency
  • Reduce CapEx and OpEx when using the cloud properly

Our Work

Get to know what our clients think about us, who we are, and the awesome products that we have created!

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