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Custom Software Development

Creating one solution to problem A always creates subsequent problems, but what about problem B, C, D, & E those still exist in your business. At Grata Software we use our TripleAIM methodology to curate and devise the optimal plan of action to keep your business at the forefront of your industry.

We have innovated some of the most advanced technologies in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, GPS, and Technology industries. From business automation to social media, there isn’t much left for us to help improve. Well…. other than your business.

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Custom Software Development

This is an All-powerful tool that brings your business to levels beyond belief. Owning a web or mobile application developed specifically for your needs allows you to focus on doing your actual job and not the manual tasks that take up the vast majority of our days. Whether your software is an internal, B2B, or a B2C solution we have countless years of experience in all those realms.

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Strategic Technology Partner Program

Today it is impossible to have technology that doesn’t talk to other technology. Navigating the landscape of API integrations, Cloud Services, Database Design, and Software Development can be complex, that is why we are here. We guide you step by step to ensure you meet your goals and we can help develop your solutions too!

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Problem-Solving Specifically for You

TripleAim in Action:

By Analyzing & identifying strengths and weaknesses of your business processes, we Advise you on the proper approach to improving via technology for your business.

We Architect a scalable, secure, mobile, and all-encompassing process improving the application. Working with you we share how many of the solutions we created will be developed and in how to properly go about having it developed. In terms of how many phases of development and what cloud services to leverage.

We Implement your solution with our best-in-class developers, designers, and project managers to develop the perfect solution. Or we lead your own development team through the processes, ensuring the application success. Finally, we Manage your application on the cloud and continue to support your success.

Everything we develop for your company is your IP and you can stop us managing the application at any point, but that never happens. We’re just that darn good.

Grata Triple Aim Framework

Our Innovative Engineers
Impress every time!

Our focus is to be a strategic technology partner in growing your business. It’s that simple! With the ability to rely on our software engineers and cloud solutions architects as a partner of your business, allows you to take that deep breath and weight off your shoulders.

Combined Years of Expertise

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