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Creating a Software is a large undertaking. Having it done correctly makes it a breeze, having it done wrong is a nightmare of debt. Working with Grata Software, it will be a breeze. We focus on delivering you the best-in-class software solutions. We focus on the long run success of the company and how your custom software can be the shepherd that leads you to success & scales with it!  Focusing on software that optimizes your business processes to reduce operating expenses or developing a client facing application to increase engagement and revenue, we have done it all. Imagine deploying a software that saves your business roughly $500,000 a year! That’s what we did for one of our nationwide clients!

We have innovated some of the most advanced Web, Mobile, Cloud, and IOT technologies in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, GPS, and Technology industries. Working with SMB, VC & PE Funded and Enterprise level businesses, we’ve done everything from business automation to creating a social media giant from scratch, there isn’t much left for us to help improve.

Well…. other than your business!

Our Services

Custom Software Development

Automate your business to speed up your day to day processes & reduce operating expenses.

Engage with clients on a more personal level with easier navigation and streamlined content.

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Cloud Solution Services:

The cloud allows for the everyday joe to compete with the big guys. From backing up data, accessing that data worldwide, creating new applications and more. It is not accessible to all at a low cost. As Amazon Web Services partners we ensure that your business is faster, efficient, and easier to manage and deploy resources than ever before.  Our cloud solutions architects work with you on managing, migrating and deploying resources in the cloud.

Native Or Responsive Mobile Application

As business & technology around us continue to expand and the world becoming more connected and mobile… Don’t you think your company should be mobile too? Working with our talented team we will develop the perfect mobile app that fits your needs.

Security and Data Protection

We follow the OWASP standards for building custom software solutions and APIs.  Grata is also Level 3 CJI Certified allowing us to work with criminal justice and FBI data systems. Why is security important? When a website gets attacked or user data is stolen that can cause hours of lost business if not years lost of reputation. Having a team on demand that protects the system and is there to help if things go awry Grata and our team are here help.

API Integrations & Development

Today it is impossible to have technology that doesn’t talk to other technology.  APIs function as the translator that lets multiple applications talk to one another.  Our team builds RESTful, SOAP and XML-RPC APIs for integrations with 3rd party systems.

Agile Development Methodology

We believe in the process of iterating through the development process; therefore, we follow the agile method of software development.  Our development gets your project rolling so you can see results immediately, and plan your project more accordingly. Working in 2-week sprints changes are able to be made before they are developed, features deployed quicker, and you are able to have a strategically planned approach for the rollout of the application.

Our Innovative Engineers
Impress every time!

Our focus is to be a strategic technology partner in growing your business. It’s that simple! With the ability to rely on our software engineers and cloud solutions architects as a partner of your business, allows you to take that deep breath and weight off your shoulders.

Combined Years of Expertise

Grata Software Orlando custom software development

What our Clients are Saying:

ashley cisneros mejia

Ashley Cisneros Mejia
CEO of Fenix Creatives

“I consider Grata my go-to resource for all things related to software development, and cloud technologies.  They have the invaluable gift of being able to communicate highly technical concepts to the layman. They don’t get frustrated by big asks – rather they immediately work to find solutions to complex problems.  I believe their counsel and development skills present a competitive advantage to any organization that is lucky enough to have them at the table.”

joshua freedman CEO EQ Network

Joshua Freedman
CEO of Six Seconds EQ Network

“Running a global nonprofit org is complicated, and the pace of IT changes makes it almost impossible. Thankfully, for the last two years, Rey and the Grata team have made our work better… and helped me sleep at night knowing someone’s immediately available to save us from the next mess. Truly a blessing to have allies like this.”

Natasha Crosby
CEO of MindKube

“One of the best things about the Grata team is they listen with the intent to understand, and not sell predetermined solutions. It’s rare in the technology world. Their focus is on building a partnership. They break down complex issues that makes me feel involved and empowered as an important part of the solution.”

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