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We work with you to turn your ideas into high-growth cloud-based web and mobile applications. We live in a world where companies are continually striving to be the best that they can be. Grata helps consult upon and develop innovative technologies on cloud platforms through research and development.

We assess your business to advise on technologies, architect solutions, implement & manage resources. Our clients have successfully launched new products, built cost reducing systems, migrated successfully to the cloud and have experienced mergers & acquisitions with the help of our expertise and guidance.

We’re passionate about the use of technology to build more effective and efficient businesses and it is these passions that drive Grata to become a leading provider of business technology products and services.

Product Development

Technology is ever-evolving. The interconnectivity and low costs of cloud services mean everything and anything is possible.  Businesses are continually looking for ways to improve and we guide that improvement via technology.  Whether it’s web or mobile app development, businesses can now connect with their data and their customers with precise actions more so now, than ever before. The key is to apply a proper approach, from the company’s goals, emerging trends, user experience, to the best-in-class solutions. As your strategic partner, we help you innovate and create software products that add value to your customers and your business.

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Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions can make you as dangerous as an enterprise business without the high cost to enter. We help organizations to strategically maximize their cloud investments by building impactful and disruptive cloud-native web, mobile, and IoT solutions. With our Professional Amazon Web Solution Architects and Developers, we make the optimization of your business a breeze. From the traditional transition from legacy IT to a modern cloud-based platform, scaling your business, using virtual desktops for remote and BYOD employees, and setting up a phone-free call center, we can assist you with all of it, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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